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Hamblen County Car Club

The Hamblen County Car Club was founded June 8, 2002. There are a number of very nice cars and trucks in the Morristown area, but the closest weekly cruise-in was over an hour away. Club founder Richard McCollough and his family, with the cooperation and participation of Ingles Supermarket's store manager Nicky Peters, began hosting a weekly cruise-in on Saturday nights in the parking lot of Ingles and Big Lots on the east side of Morristown, TN. The car club was founded through the cruise-in by a group of hobbyists who indicated an interest in promoting the hobby in the East Tennessee area. The club is incorporated as a Tennessee non-profit corporation and had 127 members as of 9/12/05. We hold monthly meetings on the third Tuesday night of each month at Golden Corral on West Andrew Johnson Highway in Morristown, TN. The meetings begin at 7:00 PM and normally lasts until around 9:00 PM.

After the formation of the club in June 2002, we decided at our July meeting to purchase a sound system to use at the cruise-ins and club events. The club has since purchased a trailer to use in transporting equipment to and from the cruise-ins and shows we attend. The purchase of the trailer allows club members to share responsibility for transporting, setting up and taking down the sound system, tent, table, etc. The arrival of the trailer presented an opportunity recognized by club Vice President Robert Russell to offer advertising space to associate sponsors. This is a phenomenal advertising value when compared to advertising rates for local media. For less than the cost of a one-time display ad in a local newspaper, associate sponsors can get their message to everyone who sees the HCCC trailer at one of our many cruise-ins or car shows we attend. Ads will remain on the trailer until June 30th of the year purchased. Prior to the ad's expiration, the advertiser will be given the opportunity to renew his/her sponsorship. The renewed sponsorships will cost the advertiser even less because the cost of the decal is already paid! The money raised from the ad sales will allow the club to do even more for local charities in the coming years. Ad spaces are currently available!

The club newsletter is edited, published and distributed monthly by Barb Weber. Barb does an outstanding job and we are very proud of our newsletter. The title of this monthly publication is Cruise "N"ews and all of our members look forward to receiving their copy. Each issue of the newsletter contains a letter from the President, meeting minutes, articles pertaining to club functions, and a local schedule of events. The newsletter is distributed free to members.

During the 2009 cruise-in season, we outgrew our space at Ingles and Big Lots. We searched for a new spot and ended up at College Square Mall. The added space allows us to accommodate everyone who wants to cruise with us. Members and non-members are welcome at our cruise-ins.